Jay Novacek signs autographs at a local liquor store

Former Cowboys promotes his first ever whiskey '84 proof'

VICTORIA,Texas– Three time super bowl champion Jay Novacek promoted his first ever whiskey called “84 Proof” in a local liquor store, Texas Liquor, Thursday evening as he signed autographs.

Novacek got the idea of making his own brand of whiskey while he was in a deer blind and five years later and he brought it to stores last March. The name comes from his jersey number, but is also the amount of  proof the liquor has.

Novacek said going through the process has been fun, educational, but most of all delicious.

“I’ve always thought I should have been born in the 1800’s riding in, opening the doors and saying ‘give me a bottle.’ To have something that I can relate to fans with because normally they just relate to me with football, but now I can relate to them because they enjoy the taste of a good whiskey,” said Novacek.

Novacek plans on coming out with a honey whiskey in the near future.

The owners of Texas Liquor in Victoria said it took two weeks for them to finally taste the liquor, but are glad it isn’t just another celebrity liquor.

“Once I tried it I was hooked. It is a really good product…. It’s smooth and it is a product we knew we could move here at the liquor store,” said Shawn and Angie Clark.

The owners plan on having another event near football season and hope to get Novacek to come back for more autographs.