January’s Military Hero

Milton Shambo is your first Military Hero of 2022.

VICTORIA, Texas – Milton Shambo is your Military Hero for January, the first one in 2022. Born in Alabama Milton is from the small town of Robertsdale. He wanted to advance his education after high school but couldn’t attend college, so instead joined the Air Force and went to electric school in 1952. Then Milton spent 18 months in Japan working as an electrician at the height of the Korean War. Milton’s twin Wilton joined the Army and just so happened to be stationed in Japan as well.

“I was stationed at Tachikawa Air Force Base, and we would catch a train, it’d take us about thirty minutes to go visit one another,”

Milton says that in their free time he and Wilton would travel throughout Japan, sometimes on a rickshaw which he has fond memories of.

“Get on one of them ole’ rickshaws and them people would ride us around town on them three wheeled bicycles,”

And it was all by chance that Milton and Wilton would end up so close, twins sometimes have a way of finding one another no matter where life takes them.

“Just lucky I guess,”

After the Korean War Milton would then spend the next 37 years working his civil service job, servicing various military air craft and other equipment. Milton would work on Air Force bases in Florida, California, Thailand, San Antonio, and finally Corpus Christi.

Milton married his high school sweetheart and she was with him every step of the way.

“We went to high school together. We’d go to the proms and things together,”

They would have 3 children, a son born on Christmas, a daughter on Easter Sunday, and the youngest born just 15 minutes shy of the Fourth of July.

Milton has dealt with tragedy though, losing his daughter to an accident in 1980, his son in 2008 to a rare lung disease, a grandson, his wife of almost 70 years last year, and his twin Wilton this past December. So how does one decide to keep going after so much heartache? Milton’s advice, just keep on going.

“I gotta keep going. I get out and mow the yard some, and weedeat, and keep active so I can keep going. I go to the coffee shop quite a bit and drink my coffee,”

Turing 90 just last month Milton stays active, and he knows he’s got plenty of angels watching over him.

“I’m sure they’re watching over me. Somebody’s got to be,”

Through the tragedy, Milton and his daughter Brenda say that there’s been a silver lining though, with Milton’s family all living in 3 separate houses all in the same plot of land. So, his daughter Brenda, a great-grandson, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter are just a hop skip, and jump away.

“Dad’s the rock of the family. Through all the deaths we’ve had, dad’s always been the one that’s stood up and kept us going, and without dad, it would be hard to go,”

To nominate a Military Hero click here. Thank you, Milton Shambo and all veterans, for the sacrifices you make for our freedoms every day.