Jackson County has issued voluntary evacuation order

Jackson County Judge Simons has issued a Voluntary Evacuation Order for Jackson County. Concerns are more for our low lying flood-prone areas and those residents who reside in these locations.

There will be no public transportation for evacuation however, there will be public shelters available for anyone who seeks refuge from this approaching hurricane. The public shelter will be located at the Jackson County Services Building located at 411 N. Wells, Edna Texas. This shelter will not open until 10AM on Friday August 25 but not before.

Be aware that we have limited cots and we are asking for all shelter residents to bring their own bedding, non-perishable foods, water and any comfort items you may need during your stay.

Pets – Due to limited space, the only pets that will be allowed at any of our Jackson County Red Cross shelters will be service/comfort animals only. Please bring food/water for them.

If any changes to the weather mandate an earlier opening of this shelter, the public will be notified by Reverse 911, and on our social media site Jackson County Texas Emergency Management facebook page