‘It’s unfortunate we’re in a society where issues get politicized’: Congressman Cloud reacts to mask mandate lift

Congressman Michael Cloud reacts to statewide mask mandate and capacity limit restrictions lift

VICTORIA, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order Tuesday that will lift a statewide mask mandate and allow businesses to operate at 100 percent capacity. This will be  effective March 10.

Newscenter 25 spoke with Republican Congressman Michael Cloud, R-Victoria, about what his current thoughts are on the restrictions being lifted.

Rep. Michael Cloud has been in Washington and mentioned he hasn’t been able to look over the entire order yet, but shared his thoughts.

“It’s time to start opening things up,” said Rep. Michael Cloud.

Rep. Michael Cloud acknowledged that there’s still a sensitive population that needs protection, but said, “we know how to do that.”

There’s a vaccine out and most important there is a knowledge base saying most people know what to do, said Cloud.

Newscenter 25 also asked Rep. Cloud if he believes mask-shaming will become an issue again due to the recent restrictions being lifted.

“It’s unfortunate that we are in a society where so many issues get politicized and unfortunately leads to shame,” said Cloud. “We’re supposed to be a government — the first rule is to protect our freedoms and liberty — then just as people, we should understand … that nobody is making people go to churches or stores or anything like that. For us to protect the personal liberties of individuals especially now that we have a lot of solutions in place.”

Rep. Michael Cloud said that we as people should look out for our neighbors and care for each other.

“For government to be coming down and telling people you can’t work and if you have a restaurant you can’t operate … you can’t provide livelihood for your staff … meanwhile, the bills are piling up,” said Cloud. “You still have rent to pay and all those kind of things .. an economy has all these intricate parts working together.”

Rep. Michael Cloud has kept busy.

He has joined with members of congress to introduce bipartisan legislation to stop government officials from profiting off of insider information.

Plus, Rep. Michael Cloud is seeking a Gold Star Family member for a position in his Victoria or Corpus Christi Office.

Newscenter 25  will provide our viewers with more details on both topics in the coming days.