It took 13 years, but an NFL rookie finally bought his parents a house

What makes a house a home? For one rookie, it’s a whole lot of faith, love and support.

Mecole Hardman says he has been dreaming of buying his parents, particularly his mother, a home for almost 13 years. Now at the age of 21, the Kansas City Chiefs player is able to cross that life goal off his bucket list.

The wide receiver was selected in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft in April and is days away from training camp, but he still made time for family this week.

He told CNN this has been a dream for so long because of the way his family grew up. He remembers constantly moving to different homes with his parents and five siblings.

“We never had a real house, you know?” Hardman told CNN on Thursday.

The former University of Georgia wide receiver said his family was never financially stable, often living paycheck to paycheck, not knowing what financial burden would fall into their lap next.

“Money was tight, basically,” Hardman said. “We didn’t have money like that but we made it work and just kept faith in God.”

Hardman said both his mother and father have supported his passion for football since the beginning and he wanted to do something to make their lives more comfortable.

His entire family loves the home, but for him, he says, it’s a bonus that he’s able to be a leading example for the kids in his hometown of Bowman, Georgia.

“It just gives them motivation to do something great,” he said.

In a video posted on Twitter, you see his mother get off a bus blindfolded. When the blindfold comes off and she realizes the house in front of her is theirs, she’s overcome with emotion and tears.

“I’m just blessed,” she said in the video. “I mean it just makes you feel good as a mother to know that, your kids would go to this depth.”

In the video, Hardman says it’s a good feeling and he’s looking forward to helping her get the furniture moved in.

“You know I got you,” he said.

Hardman said his next bucket list goal is to help his parents retire and travel.