It has been five years. Bloomington hit-and-run case remains unsolved.

"On September 27, it will be five years of him being home in heaven," said Angie Orta.
Kevin Garza
Credit: Angie Orta

BLOOMINGTON, Texas- “On September 27, it will be five years of him being home in heaven,” said Angie Orta.

Orta is the grandmother of a boy who was killed in Bloomington in 2016 while walking to school.

In the early morning hours, Kevina Garza was walking to school when a car struck him.

No arrest have been made.

25 News Now reached out to Sgt. San Miguel with the Texas Department of Public Safety for an update on the case.

Sgt. San Miguel said this is still an active and ongoing investigation.

The latest lead that was investigated was of a car that was obtained by the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office that possibly hit Kevin, said Sgt. San Miguel.

“We had a call that this was the vehicle that hit Kevin Garza,” said Sgt. San Miguel.

A warrant was executed for the car.

DNA swabs were used to find evidence, but they were unsuccessful.

“It’s something we are not giving up on, we rely a lot on someone coming forward to give us information,” he said.

Orta and Kevin’s mother Darlene Chavez will be at the intersection of Ben Jordan and Sam Houston from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 27.

Justice for Kevin James Garza items will be sold.

The family will also ask people in the community to change their profile pictures to a picture of Kevin on that day.

Donations are welcome.

Orta said this is a way to let people know that the case has not been solved.

If you have information that will help authorities solve this case, please call Victoria Crime Stoppers at 361-572-4200.

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