Iran executes former contractor for ‘spying for the CIA’

A former Iranian Department of Defense contractor has been executed for spying for the US government, reported IRNA, a state-run news outlet.

“Jalal Haji Zawar, a contractor of the Department of Defense was spying for the CIA and the U.S. Government,” IRNA said, citing a statement released by the Iranian armed forces’ judiciary department. “He was identified by the Defense Forces and prosecuted by the Tehran military prosecutor.”

According to IRNA’s report, Zawar — who was dismissed from service in 2010 — had been charged for “spying for the CIA,” and that documents and equipment had been seized from his home during the course of the investigation.

Zawar was sentenced to death based on his own confession and the evidence, IRNA said. The statement said he was executed in the Rajai-shahr Prison but didn’t say when.

Zawar’s former wife was sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly participating in the spying, the statement said.

The CIA declined to comment when reached by CNN Saturday.

The IRNA report comes after days of heightened tensions between the United States and Iran.