Invest 95-L Impact on River Flooding in Tivoli

Our Jesse Kelley traveled to Tivoli to talk to residents to see how they are preparing for Invest 95-L. The San Antonio River in Goliad is already in flood. The waters from the San Antonio River travels to Tivoli. Then, the San Antonio River empties out into the Guadalupe. We talked with Tivoli residents Marvin Strakos and Marvin Grimm who lives on Guadalupe River Road. Strakos told me he is used to the river flooding and it is something you just deal with.

“If I see the water coming, I will put up my flowers and lawnmower on the deck. All you can do is sit around and wait,” said Marvin Strakos.

We will continue to watch the river levels throughout the Crossroads over the next couple of days. All of the Crossroads is currently under a Flash Flood Watch into the weekend.