Interview with defendant contradicts text messages sent to alleged sexual assault victim

Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic details of the alleged sexual assault. Newscenter 25 has chosen to protect the identity of the victim by not publishing her name and referring to her throughout as “the victim.”

On day two of the trial against former Precinct One Constable Jesse Garza and the alleged sexual assault victim, a two-hour-long interview between Jesse Garza and Texas Ranger, John Linger was presented to the jury. In this video, Jesse Garza told his version of the story starting with when he first met the victim two years ago.

Constable Jesse Garza is accused of forcing a Bloomington woman to have sex with him in August 2017. He is also accused of abusing his power as a law enforcement officer.

Former Constable Jesse Garza was removed from his position by a jury last month.

First Recorded Interview with Jesse Garza

Texas Ranger, John Linger, was called to the stand, and he presented a video recording of Jesse Garza’s initial statement.

In the video, and at the time of the interview, Linger told Garza that criminal sexual allegations were made against him, and he came to speak with him.

Garza expressed that the victim was a friend, and they had known each other over a year.

Garza stated, he met up with the victim a couple of times, and they had sex twice.

Garza went on to say they didn’t have sex while he was working, and they had sex before he took office, and he was a bailiff at the time of their friendship.

Garza said in the recording that he met the victim at the Dollar General while he was getting some medicine, and they exchanged numbers. Then about two or three weeks later he texted the victim, but she didn’t recognize the number.

They didn’t meet up until a few weeks later, but they saw each other around town.

Garza said they met up on a country road to have sex.

Linger asked Garza, “how did they choose the country road?” Garza stated, “no one chooses it” they just “ended up there.”

Linger went on to ask “how did they meet up?” Garza, explained that he picked her up while he was off duty and in his personal vehicle, and he didn’t have any weapons on him.

Garza explained that the victim dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and it was appropriate during the ride along.

The first time they met up she kissed him, took off her bra, and she didn’t have any panties on, so he just rubbed on her breast and butt, but he didn’t have sex with her.

He stated he didn’t have sex with the victim on the first meet up because it was getting late, and he didn’t remove any of his clothes. When this incident occurred, Garza stated they were in Cuero, and he took her home.

Garza said after they kissed, the victim rode with him twice, making it a total of three ride alongs. The victim didn’t fill out any paperwork to ride with him, and he explained the details of the first ride along.

Garza said they did a drug bust, had to call the dogs out, and they also met up with a Victoria County Deputy to go out to eat.

On the second ride along Garza stated they did few traffic stops and his company truck has recordings, but it doesn’t work most of the time.

During the ride along Garza said, “it was no flirting,” they only spoke about one of the victim’s exes, and she referred to him as an “f*** buddy.”

The third ride along was several months later, and they “didn’t have sex until after the third ride along” said, Garza.

He stated the victim came by his house twice; once was 5 a.m. and another time was at night.

Garza mentioned, the victim wanted Garza to sit in her car and talk, but he refused because she looked high or drunk, but he told her to come in and sleep for a while, or he would get her a ride home but the victim became peeved and drove away.

Garza explained the first time he had sex with the victim was on the side of a dirt road.

He said they were bored and drove around. Then she put her left hand on his right thigh, so he took that as a sign.

Then she leaned over and kissed him and pulled off her pants to show him her panties.

After that, Garza and the victim had sex outside of his truck, then she gave him oral sex, and he ejaculated outside on the ground.

Garza stated the victim bragged about drinking and getting high, but he didn’t smell weed on her. He also said he never bought her or offered any alcohol.

After they had sex Garza said he ran into the victim, but she didn’t speak to him, and the last thing he texted was about her getting pulled over for her tail light.

The victim asked him for the judge’s number.

Garza went on to say that he didn’t text the victim anything graphic about sex, but he did send her a picture of his penis.

To which the victim replied, “wow nice,” and he couldn’t remember if he asked her for a picture in return and couldn’t remember if she sent him anything.

Afterward, Linger asked Garza to grant him access to his cell phone. Garza agreed to give him permission to his work phone, but he said, he didn’t feel comfortable with Linger keeping his personal phone.

Garza mentioned he had private things in his personal phone that he didn’t want anyone to see.

After several attempts from Linger to get Garza’s personal phone, Linger then issued Garza a search warrant to confiscate the phone and Linger told Garza the Victoria County Constable’s truck would also be searched for any evidence.

Garza said he kept texting the victim, but she stopped responding to him.

The Texas Ranger’s Statement (Warning Graphic Information)

John Linger said Garza made the statement saying, he met the victim before he became an elected official, they had sex twice, they never texted sexually.

All this information is inconsistent with the text messages between the victim and Garza.

Garza told Linger that the victim performed oral sex on him during their first encounter, but the text message Garza sent to the victim said, “Next time I’m going to make you lick the juices off my wiener.”

Investigators pulled the call log from the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office for evidence to show where Garza was on the night the victim stated she was sexually assaulted.

The victim mentioned in her interview with Linger that she was with Garza as they responded to a call regarding a fight.

The VCSO radio call logs show that on August 13, 2017, Garza was at the Downtown Bar and Grill at 1:33 a.m. for a call about a fight.

Garza also made a traffic stop in a rural area near U.S Highway 87 and through the text messages, Linger was able to confirm the victim’s story.

The text messages show that the next day Garza sent the victim a text message saying ” You said no but you gave into Papi.”

The defense attorney, Dexter Eaves, began questioning Linger and asked if he checked Garza’s personal truck to see if there was any evidence of the victim being in Garza’s personal truck.

Linger said no he did not do a search for evidence on Garza’s personal truck.

Dexter presented a sworn in statement that Linger received from a witness for evidence. Dexter went on to ask why are their scratches on the dates of the incidents, and they didn’t initial the scratch outs.

A Witness from the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office

Anthony Daniel has worked with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office for 30 years, and he took the stand later in the evening to give his statement.

Dexter asked Daniel if he knows the victim, and he said, “yes.”

Dexter then asked if the victim “is a credible person?” Daniel answered, “she is not a credible person”, but he’s only known her a short time.

Tim Poynter, the prosecuting attorney asked Daniel when did he meet the victim, and he said he met her at the time of the interview.

Both attorneys went to Judge Bobby Bell’s desk to speak. Then Judge Bell released the jury early to take a look at the charges made against Garza.

The third and final day of the trial resumes Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m.