Insurance Council of Texas kicks off 12th Annual Hurricane Tour

TEXAS – The Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) is on its 12th annual Hurricane Tour. ICT wants to make sure homeowners and businesses are prepared in the event of a hurricane. The season started June 1 and the peak of the season is now through November 30.

“If you live along the coast, you should review your insurance coverage, inventory your personal property and have an evacuation plan,” said Mark Hanna, a spokesperson for the Insurance Council of Texas.

Coastal Texans need two to three different types of insurance coverage for their homes to be fully protected. Flood insurance protects homeowners from rising waters such as a storm surge. A residential fire policy protects homeowners from not only fires, but burglary, theft and liability. Homeowners might also need windstorm insurance which protects them from the damage caused by hurricane-force winds.

On September 13, 2008, the Texas coast was struck by Hurricane Ike. It was the costliest storm in Texas history causing $12 billion in insured losses. September 13 is the peak of Hurricane season.

ICT is the largest state insurance trade association in the country. Contact them at