Inez Volunteer Fire Department gets new RTV truck

Victoria County commissioners agreed at Mondays commissioners meeting to pay the remaining $5,000 for a Kubota RTV truck for Inez Volunteer Fire Department.
“So we’ve already used it and its proven to be a valuable,” Victoria Fire Marshal, Richard Castillo said.

This truck makes it easier for fire fighters to put out fires in muddy or sandy areas where regular brush trucks could get stuck in the ground.

“Places that are having a lot of moisture in the soil where we get stuck a lot or either we’ll have the dry lose sand along the creek bottom which the trucks can’t go through and the Kubotas can so what we’re using. Their an all terrain vehicle. They’re going to be able to get back into the places where we don’t send our brush trucks,” Castillo said.

The department used the truck for the first time last Monday and Castillo says its made a big difference for the department.

“We had some wet muddy areas out there where the trucks couldn’t get to and they were able to access them so yes they’re very valuable to us,” Castillo said.