Industrial look to make a statement Friday against Hallettsville

The two will face off Friday in Industrial at the Snake pit

VANDERBILT, Texas — The Industrial Cobras are just outside the top five in the class 3-A state rankings and are looking to set the tone, that they are a contender for the title this year.

The Cobras are ranked number six after last weeks intense match up against Ganado. The Cobras would fall behind early in the game allowing a touchdown on the opening drive and then fumbling on a future drive, the ball giving Ganado excellent field possession, which led to another touchdown. Industrial head coach Jamie Dixon  says if they start this game the way they did last week, they’ll be 1-1 this time next week. Dixon emphasized there were somethings on the film they did not like and look to improve day-to-day.

“It’s big, our kids like playing here,” says Dixon. “You have a team that’s ranked we are ranked this is a playoff game in week two of the season, that’s whats exciting.”

The last time these two teams played each other Hallettsville dominated the game, scoring 44 points in total while holding industrial to zero. The Industrial offense will go as far as their offensive line will carry them. Senior center Reed Kallus says although there are younger guys on the line, everyone on the team is looking forward to the game and hoping to see a packed house.

“I’m hoping that us as linemen will work better together to let our skill players do their jobs.”

The two will face off Friday in Industrial at the Snake pit.