Increase of vehicle thefts in the Crossroads

Increase of vehicle thefts in the Crossroads

CROSSROADS, Texas – The Victoria Police Department confirmed there has been an increase in vehicle thefts from November to December in Victoria.

For the month of November, nine vehicle thefts were reported, said Lauren Meaux with the Victoria Police Department. In December, 23 vehicle thefts were reported in the city.

According to Meaux, the department is currently working to identify any similarities with our surrounding cities.

In Shiner, the police department responded to San Jacinto and Alamo Streets for a report of three stolen vehicles.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, January 9, the police said the type of vehicles stolen were trucks and “in line with those that are typically stolen to facilitate drug and human trafficking.” 

Below is the entire statement from the Shiner Police Department from their social media post:

This morning Shiner Officers responded to San Jacinto and Alamo streets for a report of three stolen vehicles. The type of vehicles stolen, 3/4and 1 ton 4×4 trucks, is in line with those that are typically stolen to facilitate drug and human trafficking. There were also reports of a similar type vehicle stolen just inside Gonzales County during this same time frame. We are currently working with the Texas DPS Auto Theft Task Force to attempt to recover these vehicles.
All vehicles stolen were locked and secured at the time of theft.
If anyone had seen anything suspicious in that area or has any information that may help solve this crime please contact the police department.
Chief Kramer

Newscenter 25 did reach out to the Shiner Police Department for an update, but have not received a response yet.

The Hallettsville Police Department also issued a statement on Facebook reminding their residents to keep vigilant of their unattended vehicles. The statement was posted two days after the Shiner Police Department responded to reports of stolen vehicles.

Newscenter 25 also reached out to their department for a statement.

The police department said in quote, “we have no [not] had any trucks stolen in our city, we’re just reminding citizens to take the precautions to prevent a theft from happening.”

On Wednesday, January 13, Lavaca Crime Stoppers confirmed on social media there has a been a rash of vehicles stolen within Lavaca County.

Below is the entire statement from the social media post:

Between January 8th and January 12th there have been several trucks stolen and burglarized in the Shiner and Speaks area in Lavaca County. The activity is usually happening in the early morning hours between 1 AM and 6 AM. If anyone has information about this activity or noticed unusual behavior related to this, please call Lavaca County Crime Stoppers for a cash reward at 361-594-3700. All TIPS remain confidential.
We need your help, let’s put these criminals behind bars and off our Lavaca County streets.
Please share this all your family and friends, let’s get the word out that we will not stand for this in our county.
Have a great day.
Newscenter 25 did ask Lauren Meaux from the Victoria Police Department as to why trucks are being targeted and what our community as whole should be doing to protect their vehicles in general.
“I cannot speculate why trucks are be targeted,” said Meaux in an email. “We encourage all community members to always lock their vehicles and take their keys and valuables.”
We will keep updating this article as soon as we receive more details.