‘I’m walking 27 miles for the cause,’ declares local man raising awareness about domestic abuse

It started bright and early Sunday morning as one local resident started his journey to walk from Wal-Mart on Houston Hwy to the Whataburger in Edna.

“About a month ago the mother of my kids was, she was beaten and stabbed in the face and that kind of put everything in motion,” said Anthony Barnett, owner of Crush Cares.

Anthony Barnett, owner of Crush Cares, explained that he kept meeting women who were victims of abuse and after the mother of his kids experienced domestic violence this promoted Barnett to start his walk to stop domestic violence.

“I’m walking 27 miles for the cause and I wanted to do this first event by myself. I want people to see that I’m not playing games this is not a gimmick. I’m here and I’m here for y’all,” said Anthony Barnett, owner of Crush Cares.

Although I didn’t witness Barnett walking the entire 27 miles, I did watch as he began walking from the Wal-Mart on Houston highway.

Then 4 hours later I caught up with him in Inez near the rest station area.

If you are a victim of domestic violence this is what you can do if you’re feeling afraid of your significant other.

“You can call me personally on my hotline if you are having trouble in the local area. I personally will come out and do as much as I can from a legal standpoint,” said Barnett.

Mr. Barnett also mentions that if the person has a gun please call the police, but if the abuser is banging on your door and won’t leave your home Barnett said he will come out to your home and sit with you until the abuser leaves.

The hotline number is 713-257-9118 or you can email Barnett at crushcares86@gmail.com.

“I had all the personal reasons to cancel this event and focus on my life, but this is not about me this is about all the people who are hurting that are scared to speak out, and that are afraid to speak out you do not have to be afraid no more. Somebody is willing to put themselves on the line for you,” said Barnett.

Barnett went on to mention that he wanted to complete this task to show domestic violence victims that he’s serious.