ICYMI: Workforce Solutions Golden Crescent plans offices to reopen as unemployment rates rise

VICTORIA, Texas- The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had lasting effects in many areas. The unemployment rate steady rising in our surrounding communities. 

The pandemic has cut resources and income for many, with the closing of businesses and growing COVID-19 cases, many find themselves depending on unemployment benefits. 

“Almost every industry and its employees have been  affected.  [Those with] only a high school diploma, have a higher unemployment rate than those with post secondary education or four year degree,” says Henry Guajardo, Executive Director of Workforce Solutions Golden Crescent.

Workforce Solution Golden Crescent reported an average of 3 to 4 percent unemployment rate in February, prior to the pandemic, that peaked at more than 14% by mid March.

“We have families out there that need jobs, we have families out there that need income, and we’re gonna do whatever we can to help those that are unemployed get back into the labor force,” says Guajardo. 

Requirements were waived for job seekers through the pandemic, such as mandatory proof of job applications in order to receive benefits. 

“The [Texas] governor has not lifted the work search requirement for those individuals that are receiving unemployment, that’s going to happen. Once that does, we’re gonna be ready at any of our workforce solutions offices, we have 8 of them in the 7 county area.”

Offices are expected to open by July 6th, however, only by appointment.

The Workforce Solution Golden Crescent is staying optimistic, new numbers of unemployment rates are expected to be updated next week.