ICYMI: Victoria Public Library expands virtual content

VICTORIA, Texas-  Logging on to Facebook for a visit to the library wasn’t normal, until now. Weekly “LIVE” story time has become an important part of expanding summer activities in the Crossroads.

“We want to stay connected with our children here at the library. Staying connected with them is very important they’re actually wanting to come to story time, but we’re also going to them to their home,” says Yvonne Arriazola event coordinator at the Victoria Public Library. 

Right now, the library is open, however added measures are in place. Visitors are required to wear a facial covering and sanitize before coming into the building.

“[Just] come and get what you need to get. Let’s get in, let’s get out. It’s not too much of the computer time that the kids had done before. It’s just come in and get what you need to get, and sanitize and they’re headed out,” adds Arriazola.              

Virtual story time is hosted twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am. These activities are ideal to keep at- home kids interactive.

“Our parents are saying that they love watching us live, and of course the parents are helping us out in connecting them with that,” says Arriazola.

The Victoria Public Library is optimistic in keeping virtual story time even beyond an on-going pandemic due to such a positive response. The easiest way to catch updates is through their Facebook page.