With Fall Comes Yard Clean Up Here are 13 Must Have Tools To Make the Job Easier

Fall is the glorious season when trees shed the season’s leaves and some branches. The leaves take on exciting color combinations that leave the yards and lawns beautiful. But, underneath the beauty are reasons for a thorough cleanup.

The leaves that fall may have bugs, spores, and diseases on them that could re-infect your plants in autumn if left on the ground. The leaves could also provide a home to pests that could get to your home once winter sets in. The debris also hinders the new growth of grasses and shrubs.

You need a clean lawn to reap the maximum benefits of services like tick control, lawn fertilization, core-aeration, and liming. Finally, by taking out the leaves and twigs on the roofs and gutters, you reduce the likelihood of the formation of dangerous ice dams that could incredibly damage your rooftop and house.

To get a proper quick cleaning job, you need to have the proper tools. Here are 13 lawn care tools that could make your fall cleanup faster and easier.

1. Husqvarna Chainsaw

The Husqvarna chainsaw is an impressive power chainsaw suitable for home and professional use. It offers a combination of cutting capacity, maneuverability, and durability. Use it for quick branch cuts, felling big trees, and cutting firewood. It accommodates regular and occasional use. The battery-powered chainsaw has impressive power and performance, as does the fuel-powered chainsaws.

2. Sun Joe Electric Chainsaw

The  features a mighty Sun Joe electric chainsaw 18-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain. This chainsaw is a cut above others for its ability to combine power, precision, and performance. It is easy to use, reliable and makes cutting thick wood limbs, logs, branches, and firewood quick and easy. Also, since it is electrically powered, you will not have to deal with oil or gas.

3. Collapsible Rake

Use a collapsible rake to gather the leaves, plant clippings, mulch, and debris easily. It expands to 60 inches and folds to 30 × 81/2 inches for easy storage.

4. Backpack Blower

Get this ergonomically designed backpack blower that is easy on your arms and back. Choose between the battery and the fuel-powered blower. Its engine is easy to start and powerful, and an equally powerful fan gives high-speed airflow. Use it to clear leaves from your lawn and to clean other outdoor spaces.

5. Vacpack Blower

The 3 in 1 VACKPACK blower is the ultimate vacuum, blower, and mulcher. It generates up to 250MPH of blowing speed and has a powerful suction that picks the leaves and debris. The blower also has a power boost that you can press when you need extra power.

6. Toro Max Leaf Blower

Its manufacturers call it the aerodynamic beast for its incredible power and performance. The Toro Max Flex-Force has a supercharged airflow and large vents that maximize its air intake. It is lightweight, and comfortable to carry.

7. Universal Leaf Collector

The WORX LeafPro is a vacuum bag with a hose that you attach to your leaf blower. It takes in all the leaves, fitting the dirt a standard 32-55-gallon trash bin can carry. It makes the collection work more manageable instead of damping then collecting the leaves.

8. Kangaroo Container

The 30-gallon Kangaroo container is ideal for collecting leaves, weeds, grass clippings, and other yard wastes. It holds itself open with an internal spring, and you can collapse it for storage after use.

9. Shrub Rake

With an 8-inch wide head, the Fiskars Shrub Rake is incredibly helpful. It is made small to fit around shrubs, tight corners, or other pesky areas near the garage.

10. Folding Pruning Saw

The saw has an 8-inch blade with a compact design that makes it easy to latch and use, preventing injuries. The Corona Razortooth Saw makes faster and smoother cuts than the traditional saw.

11. Pruning Shears

The Fiskars pruning shears are the best in the market. They have strong steel blades that remain sharp even after extensive use. The rubberized handles make the pruners comfortable to the hand and give it a good grip. Use pruning shears to cut unwanted twigs and light branches.

12. Hedge Trimmer

Get this 22-inches dual-action steel blades hedge trimmer from Dewalt. It is battery-powered and delivers a steady current as you work. Its ergonomic designed handle, lightweight, and compact design make it easy to use.

13. Gutter Cleaning Attachment

Fix the WORX Universal Gutter Cleaning Attachment to your leaf blower and clean. It is long, slim, and hooked to reach the bottom of the gutters. The attachment allows for cleaning of gutters from the safety of the ground.

With the proper tools, lawn care is seamless and fun. Well…. maybe…

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