Winnie Harlow missed first DM from Kyle Kuzma

Winnie Harlow Missed First Dm From Kyle Kuzma Content Exchange

Kyle Kuzma slid into Winnie Harlow’s DMs – but she didn’t see his message for a year.

The 26-year-old model embarked on a romance with the basketball player just over 12 months ago after he “shot his shot” by sending her a direct message on Instagram, but she admitted he’d tried a similar approach some time before then, only a “glitch” meant she hadn’t read his note.

Speaking on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Winnie said: “So I got a DM a year prior from my boyfriend, and I had never seen it. I don’t know what the glitch in the system with Instagram is but that never came up for me.

“A year later, at the top of quarantine, he DM’d me again; posted a picture of me in an outfit and I was like, ‘Oh, hi.’ He shot his shot and slid in the DM.’ So that was cute and I was like, ‘Oh hey, how’s quarantine been?’

“And yeah, we just started talking from there.”

The couple spent several weeks chatting constantly on Facetime before Winnie took the plunge and flew out to Los Angeles to meet Kyle in person, and she’s been by his side ever since.

She added: “And then, after about a month on Facetime for 24 hours every single day, he was like, ‘You got to come to LA,’ and I’ve been in LA ever since. That was a year ago, exactly.”

At 5’7″, Winnie is towered over by the sportsman but she loves it when people comment on the significant difference in their heights.

She said: “Kyle is a basketball player and he is like, 6’11″ or 6’10″ or something. He’s really tall.

“Every time I post a picture or a video of us everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, I stan the height difference, oh my god, I ship that.’ It’s cute, I love it.’”

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