Wendy Williams didn’t wash after being touched by Halle Berry

Wendy Williams Didn’t Wash After Being Touched By Halle Berry
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Wendy Williams didn’t “wash [her] boob” for two weeks after Halle Berry “flicked” it.

The 56-year-old presenter hit it off with the ‘Monster’s Ball’ star was a guest on her talk show in 2012 and the 54-year-old actress left a lasting impression on her interviewer.

Wendy recalled: “By the end of the conversation, she flicked my boob and winked at me. I didn’t wash that boob for two weeks.”

Ahead of the interview, Wendy was “so scared” about meeting her famous guest and admitted she almost agreed with Halle’s publicist’s request that there would be a “list of questions” she wasn’t allowed to ask her.

After speaking to Halle before they went on camera, Wendy relaxed and decided to change her tactics.

She recalled in conversation with Don Lemon for Interview magazine: “I was so scared to meet her. When she walked into the room, everyone stopped. She looked directly at me and smiled, and I smiled back. Suddenly, I wasn’t scared.

“When she sat down, I remembered the list of questions that her publicist and her team said I couldn’t ask her. But suddenly, I felt like, ‘I’m going to ask her anything I want.’ And she said, ‘Wendy, girl, you can ask me whatever.’ And I did.”

Wendy praised her own skills as an interviewer.

She said: “I get more out of my guests than anybody on TV.”

Don agreed: “People underestimate you. They think, ‘Wendy is a gossipy host.’ But you do really great interviews. You have a sneak attack, because you’re nice and you smile. And maybe people think, ‘Well, this isn’t 60 Minutes.’ Then they end up giving you the goods.”

Halle appeared on ‘The Wendy Williams’ show in 2012 with her ‘Dark Tide’ co-star and then-fiance Olivier Martinez – who she went on to marry in 2013, a few months before their son Maceo, now seven was born, before divorcing in 2015 – and candidly spoke about parenting her and ex-partner Gabriel Aubry’s daughter Nahla, now 13, her career, and being in the spotlight.

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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