Uma Thurman dating Bloomberg Media Group CEO Justin B. Smith

Uma Thurman Dating Bloomberg Media Group Ceo Justin B. Smith Content Exchange

Uma Thurman is dating Bloomberg Media Group CEO Justin B. Smith.

The ‘Kill Bill’ star is believed to have embarked on a romance with the media mogul, after their relationship was mentioned in a New York Times article detailing a party that took place at Justin’s home in the Kalorama neighbourhood of Washington D.C.

In the article, Uma was listed as an attendee at the bash, where the article stated she is “dating Mr. Smith”.

She then also told reporters: “I’m a news lover.”

Prior to her romance with Justin, Uma dated architect Peter Sabbeth last year while he was quarantining with her family in the Hamptons last October.

A source said at the time that Uma met Peter when he asked her if she would mind watching his dog while he took a swim during a trip to Sag Harbor.

They said: “Peter had no idea who Uma was at the time. She was walking on the beach, known locally as Long Beach, near him, so he asked her to watch his dog while he took a swim

“Uma said OK, watched his dog while he swam, and now, a few months later, they are madly in love and looking to buy a home together in the Hamptons.”

The actress was also formerly married to Gary Oldman, as well as Ethan Hawke, with whom she has 22-year-old daughter Maya and 19-year-old son Levon.

Uma – who is also mother to eight-year-old Luna, whom she has with former fiancé Arpad Busson – previously discussed being single in her later years, as she said in 2005 she related to the single character she played in the movie ‘Prime’ because she knows what it’s like to be “alone”.

She said at the time: “I know what it’s like to wake up a decade later and be single again and alone again, and thinking you had a plan and the plan got derailed.”

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