Two years in COVID: What we’ve learned, what’s happening now, and how it’ll end

COVID-19 news for March 10 ahead:

How has the pandemic changed after two years?

More countries are shifting toward a return to normal and learning to live with the virus. Safe, effective vaccines have been developed and there’s better understanding of how to treat people sickened by the virus.

Two years after the pandemic began, questions remain about the coronavirus. But experts know a lot more about how to keep it under control.

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US extends mask rule for travel for another month

Federal officials are extending the requirement for masks on planes and public transportation for one more month — through mid-April — while taking steps that could lead to lifting the rule.

The mask mandate was scheduled to expire March 18, but the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday that it will extend the requirement through April 18.

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Wastewater testing might tell a different story about COVID cases

The federal government has taken clear steps toward a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in recent weeks: The Biden administration released the National Covid-19 Preparedness Plan, and new guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dropped masking recommendations for most of the country.

As many Americans try to move on from the height of the pandemic and as testing wanes, detecting coronavirus levels in wastewater offers an alternative to monitoring community spread.

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No really. How will it end?

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the world has seen a dramatic improvement in infections, hospitalizations and death rates in recent weeks, signaling the crisis appears to be winding down. But how will it end? Past epidemics may provide clues.

The ends of epidemics are not as thoroughly researched as their beginnings. But there are recurring themes that could offer lessons for the months ahead, said Erica Charters of the University of Oxford, who studies the issue.

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