Tornadoes likely, including in recently hard-hit Middle Tennessee

Severe storms will impact the Central US as well as the Desert Southwest. Over 13 million people from Dallas to the Appalachian Mountains could see the worst of the severe weather. CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam is in with the latest forecast. .

Significant tornadoes are likely Thursday afternoon and evening as a storm system develops across the central United States.

“Strong winds extending through different levels of the atmosphere will make these thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes, and therefore the tornado risk is particularly high today,” CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller says. “Especially near the Mississippi and Ohio River confluence in western Kentucky and southern Illinois.”

The Storm Prediction Center issued an enhanced risk, level 3 of 5 threat for severe storms for more than 3 million people in Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio.

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“Severe thunderstorms with tornadoes, large hail and wind damage are likely across parts of the mid-Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee Valleys this afternoon and evening,” the Storm Prediction Center forecast Thursday morning.

The SPC issues their forecasts to inform people that the conditions are ripe for tornado producing storms and they should prepare for possible tornadoes in their area.

This forecast is likely to be unnerving for people in middle Tennessee who are still picking up the pieces from last week’s deadly tornadoes. Nashville is in the slight risk area, level 2 of 5, which extends from Texas to Virginia.

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Large hail and damaging winds are the primary threat there, but a few tornadoes are also possible.

“The risk level for tornadoes, according to the SPC, is actually higher than it was last Monday night when the tornadoes hit the metro area,” says Miller.

Memphis, St Louis, Louisville and Lexington are all cities in this slight risk area where over 13 million people live.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean the Nashville will see tornadoes again today,” added Miller, “but the risk is significant and those in the region should be prepared.”

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Severe storms are more frequent as the US changes between seasons.

“It is March and severe weather season is upon us,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said. “Everyone should make sure that they have multiple ways of getting severe weather warnings. Waiting for a tornado siren is not a plan.”