Thomas Markle: Oprah Winfrey’s ‘taken advantage’ of Prince Harry

Thomas Markle: Oprah Winfrey’s ‘taken Advantage’ Of Prince Harry Content Exchange

Thomas Markle is convinced that Oprah Winfrey has “played” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and “taken advantage” of them.

The retired lighting director hasn’t spoken to his daughter, Meghan, since she married Prince Harry over three years ago, but he is convinced that the media mogul – who fronted the couple’s bombshell interview earlier this year – has “taken advantage” of Harry, who Thomas described as a “weakened” man.

He said: “Oprah Winfrey, I think, is playing Harry and Meghan. I think she is using them to build her network and build her new shows and I think she’s taken advantage of a very weakened man and has got him to say things that you just shouldn’t be saying on television. She will disagree of course, and she may even sue me, I don’t care. But the bottom line is she is working Harry.”

And Thomas admitted he feels “disappointed” by the fall out between him and his daughter, but he is hopeful that he will be able to see his grandchildren – Archie and Lilibet – one day and get a chance to hold them.

Speaking to Australia’s 60 Minutes, he added: “My congratulations Harry and Meghan. I found out [about the birth] after the face and I have to deal with that and that’s okay. There’s always disappointment here.

“Lili is perfect and the other thing that makes me happy is that there is a lot more Markle blood in the Royal Family. All I can say is that I hope eventually I get to see these grandchildren of mine. I’m a pretty good grandpa.

“August 4, 40 years ago, Megan was born by c-section and I was the first one to hold her in my arms. I fell in love with her and I’ve been that way ever since. I will be very disappointed if I don’t get to hold my granddaughter.”

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