These new trucks, SUVs expected to make splash in 2021

Every new year ushers in a new batch of cars, trucks and SUVs from just about every automaker. Some of these new models create little more than passing interest, while others threaten to burn out the internet with hype.

For 2021, it’ll be trucks and SUVs dominating the news. Retro themes and born-again nameplates will be big, too. But you can also expect to see advanced technology and greater comfort without any loss of capability or utility.

Edmunds’ experts cover the five vehicles they think will make the biggest splash.

10 vehicles worth taking for a spin in 2021

Despite its many challenges, the past year proved how essential cars have become in modern life. They are our escape machines, making us forget about our worries as we indulge our passion for the joy of the open road.

Here are 10 vehicles worth taking for a spin in 2021: