The Best Accessories From Overland Expo West 2021

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Scout Campers

With the relentless pressure of deadlines and commitments looming and concerns around the pandemic showing no signs of abating, folks are finding freedom by car camping, hiking, biking and everything in between. However, nature-loving enthusiasts should be prepared when adventuring in the backcountry. Choosing the right gear for outdoor excursions is essential, and can help make adventures legendary rather than notorious.

Both established manufacturers and upstarts have taken note, upping their game with quality products to meet growing demand. From truck bed campers to water delivery systems, there’s no shortage of clever and indispensable solutions designed to make eating, drinking, sleeping and exploring as carefree as possible.

Overland Expo West, located in Flagstaff, Arizona, is one of the two longstanding Overland Expo yearly shows (the other one is Overland Expo East). It took place September 24 through 26. Overland Mountain West is the latest addition to the Overland Expo series, and it was held in Loveland, Colorado between August 27 and 29.

These are the top accessories from the 2021 Overland Expo West.

Scout Campers

Scout truck campers utilize aluminum and composites for long-lasting durability and lite overall weight. Scout Campers

Yakima, Washington-based Scout Campers has been making truck campers for the U.S. and Canada for over 50 years. The company just expanded its Pacific Northwest production facility, upping production capacity for its three key models: the Kenai, Olympic and Yoho.

Scout campers don’t require shore power when exploring the backcountry thanks to a standard monocrystalline solar panel integrated into each model. Designed for simplicity and featuring lightweight but sturdy construction, Scout truck campers boast minimal interiors that are thoughtfully configured. An aluminum exoskeleton incorporates non-wood composite structural panels for all-season protection and comfort. Flexible components allow versatility when traveling, allowing customers the opportunity to remove or retain features as desired. Prices begin at $19,000 for their smallest camper, the Yolo. The midsize Olympic model starts at $21,000 and the Kenai large camper costs $24,000.

Long Range America’s Sherpa Tank Replacement Fuel Tank for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

The Sherpa tank is made of 0.125-inch aluminum and bolts in as a direct replacement. Long Range America

Sherpa Tank, a new subsidiary from tank importer and aftermarket accessories company Long Range America (LRAM), offers a 40-gallon diesel replacement fuel tank for 2019 and newer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Designed for both 144- and 179-inch wheelbase Sprinter vehicles, the heavy-duty Sprinter Sherpa Tank also fits both two- and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Based in Boise, Idaho, Sherpa Tank’s long-range Sprinter tanks increase factory capacity by 66%, are constructed in the U.S. with .125 inch 5052-H32 aluminum and are an ideal bit of kit for extended #vanlife while on the trails. Sherpa Tank Sprinter diesel tanks are direct-fit, bolt-in fitments and work with factory emissions and existing fuel gauges.

Long Range America (LRAM) has for some time partnered with Long-Range Automotive (LRA) to make Australian fuel tanks and other gear available for North American customers and their vehicles. The American-made Sprinter van Sherpa Tanks will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2021. Prices are yet to be determined, but reservations are currently being accepted.

Dometic Go Hydration Water Jug and Hydration Water Faucet

The Dometic Go Hydration Water Jug (right) and Hydration Water Faucet (left) will become available in spring 2022. Mercedes Lilienthal

Sweden-based Dometic is a crowd favorite when it comes to premium portable refrigerators and RV or travel-type products. Ever-expanding, the business just created a line of products under a new sub-brand: Dometic Go. From portable lights and camp furniture to storage containers and water containers, Dometic Go products help adventurers sit, see and enjoy their surroundings.

If you’re tired of juggling heavy water canisters or dealing with messy spigots, the Dometic Go Hydration Water Jug (and associated Hydration Water Faucet) may have you drinking water in a snap. The Hydration Water Jug is an 11-liter (2.9 gallon) hard-sided container with multiple water dispensing choices. This allows for easy filling, dispensing and cleaning duties. Designed modularly, the Hydration Water Jug easily stashes among camp gear when stowed, even behind a wheel well. In addition, the Hydration Water Jug comes with built-in tie-down points as well as removable nylon handles.

The Hydration Water Faucet is a remote faucet that is one-touch operational, has an automatic shutoff and a handy magnetic base that pairs with the Dometic Gowater container. An integrated LED permits night-time visibility, plus the supplied hose can transform any water container into a running water system. The Dometic Go Hydration Water Jug and Hydration Water Faucet will become available in spring 2022. The Hydration Water Jug is $69.99 and the coordinating Hydration Water Faucet is $99.99.

onX Offroad App

There are plenty of mapping apps out there, but onX is one of the most versatile and comprehensive. onX

Traveling off the beaten path has become much easier by using the onX Offroad App. Encompassing over 550,000 miles of open trails and 60,000+ campgrounds and cabins, onX has expanded its services to include much more than just hunting or hiking.

App users can use onX in a variety of ways: laptop, tablet or phone. In addition to finding your next camp spot in the middle of nowhere, users can record their route by leaving breadcrumbs along the path traveled, share waypoints and access data including altitude, distance traveled, specific headings and speed.

In addition, onX recently released its latest three-dimensional digital maps for the browser-based Web App. Not only can onX map users see trails as they wind their way through remote surroundings, but also see custom markups they may have created, as well as public and private land designations. Critically, the onX app now offers a significant new feature: a wildfire layer indicating up-to-date info. Price: Free for initial features and trial, $29/year for a premium membership and $99/year for the Elite package.

Front Runner Outfitters Wolf Pack Pro Case

An addition to the Wolf Pack line of container packs, the Wolf Pack Pro features large rugged latches. Mercedes Lilienthal

Based in South Africa, Front Runner Outfitters recently announced a heavy-duty version of their stackable black Wolf Pack storage box. Perfect for camping or on-the-go travels, the Wolf Pack Pro storage case’s construction features the same impact-resistant plastic as the Wolf Pack, its precursor. In addition, however, the Wolf Pack Pro features oversized heavy-duty clasps that make opening and closing the unit an easy endeavor.

Unlike the former design, the Wolf Pack Pro storage tote boasts an IP66-rated lid with a full gasket to prevent dust and water intrusion. Designed for easy carrying while its updated design enables integrated stacking with additional Wolf Pack Pro containers, the Wolf Pack Pro will not stack with standard Wolf Pack boxes.

Forrest Tool MAX Multipurpose Toolkit

Utilitarian and rugged, the Max Multipurpose tool kit offers numerous tools for hardcore situations. Mercedes Lilienthal

Initially developed to help fight forest fires, Forrest Tool’s Max Multipurpose Toolkit found quick favor with fire control management agencies, as well as the U.S. Army, who mounted it on their light tactical vehicles. After three decades of production, the company recently changed reigns and expanded into the overlanding and travel consumer markets.

Made in the United States, Forrest Tool’s MAX Multipurpose Toolkit includes several useful items for use in the backcountry. This product consists of a 3.5-lb Hudson Bay axe head with five different attachments: a shovel, trenching pick, narrow pick, Mattock blade and McLeod attachment that combine a rake and a hoe.

The MAX Multipurpose Toolkit, coupled with supplied axe sheath and pins, fit neatly into a sturdy Cordura soft storage bag.  The MAX Multipurpose Toolkit weighs just a tick under 13 pounds, ideal for remote excursions and camping. Price: $250.00.