Rosalia: Being a musician forces you to look after yourself

Rosalia: Being A Musician Forces You To Look After Yourself Content Exchange

Rosalia says being a musician “forces” her to “take care” of herself.

The ‘Malamente’ singer has spilled the secrets of her self-care routine and beauty hacks, and insisted that when she is “enjoying” her work, her “face shines”.

She said: “I think the fact that I’m a singer and a musician forces me to make an effort and take care of myself for my career.

“When I’m happy, doing what I love and I’m really enjoying it, that’s when my face shines! There’s some kind of light. You shine differently.”

The 27-year-old Flamenco star also spilled that her secret to a flawless complexion is “sleeping like a baby”.

She said: “If you sleep like a baby, you will also get skin like a baby.”

Rosalia then quipped: “Sometimes after a mischievous night, you’ll see the next morning that your skin will be divine. Beautiful.”

Elsewhere, the Grammy-winner revealed she loves how “fierce” having nail extensions makes her feel.

She added to Vogue’s Beauty Secrets: “They make me feel fierce … it’s a radical feminine form. I also enjoy the ritual of doing it with a friend … taking care of each other, sharing that moment, being present.”

And she confessed that she prefers to apply make-up with her bare hands.

She said: “Honestly, I love to do my makeup with my fingers. It’s like making pottery.”

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