Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer can’t wait to meet baby Lilibet

Princess Diana’s Brother Earl Spencer Can’t Wait To Meet Baby Lilibet Content Exchange

Earl Spencer is looking forward to meeting his great-niece, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Spencer – the brother of the late Princess Diana, who was Prince Harry’s mother – is proud to now have “10 great-nieces and nephews” and he cannot wait to meet the latest, Prince Harry and Meghan’s daughter who was born on June 4.

Speaking on LBC Radio, Spencer was asked by host Nick Ferrari if he was looking forward to meeting the most recent addition to the British royal family, to which he replied: “I am of an age where I now have 10 great-nephews and great-nieces, but everyone genuinely is a joy. So I genuinely can say yes, I very much look forward to that.”

The 57 year old also spoke about journalist Martin Bashir after former Supreme Court Judge Lord Dyson concluded last month that Bashir used forged bank statements he’d commissioned which were shown to Spencer to secure access to the Princess of Wales in 1995.

Lord Dyson’s report said that the BBC was “woefully ineffective” in getting to the bottom of his wrongdoing at the time and Spencer can’t believe the corporation saw fit to make Bashir religious correspondent in the aftermath.

Spencer added: “Bashir is Bashir and there we are, but I do think the BBC had an enormous amount to answer for. It’s very hard to see how that man is then put forward as religious correspondent a few years later. Why would you choose someone who you know has caused so much trouble?”

Bashir previously attempted to defend his actions by insisting he did not “harm” Princess Diana with his deceit.

He insisted Diana was happy with the interview and that “he loved her”, telling The Sunday Times newspaper: “Obviously I regret it, it was wrong. But it had no bearing on anything. It had no bearing on [Diana], it had no bearing on the interview.

“I never wanted to harm Diana in any way and I don’t believe we did.

“Everything we did in terms of the interview was as she wanted, from when she wanted to alert the palace, to when it was broadcast, to its contents … My family and I loved her.”

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