Pope Francis apologizes for policy of Indigenous residential schools; Mickey Mantle baseball card expected to break record | Hot off the Wire podcast

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Pope Francis has apologized for the Catholic Church’s cooperation with Canada’s “catastrophic” policy of Indigenous residential schools. The pontiff says the forced assimilation of Native peoples into Christian society destroyed their cultures, severed their families and marginalized generations in ways still being felt today.

Russia’s top diplomat says Moscow’s overarching goal in Ukraine is to free its people from its “unacceptable regime,” expressing the Kremlin’s war aims in some of the bluntest terms yet. Moscow’s forces, meanwhile, continue to pummel the country with artillery barrages and airstrikes.

The Pacific Northwest is bracing for a major heat wave just as the Northeastern part of the U.S. will soon see a slight break in extreme temperatures. In Washington state and Oregon temperatures are forecast to top 100 degrees Fahrenheit in some places this week as climate change fuels longer hot spells in a region where such events were historically uncommon.

Authorities in the Bahamas are combing shorelines and open waters in hopes of finding more survivors after a boat carrying up to an estimated 60 Haitian migrants apparently capsized. Divers have found the bodies of 15 women, one man and a toddler, while another 20 men and five women have been rescued since Sunday, according to Bahamian officials.

A mint condition 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card could break records at auction. The auction house estimates it could exceed $10 million. The card’s current owner is a New Jersey waste management entrepreneur who bought the rare card for $50,000 in 1991 at a New York City card show.

Muhammad Ali’s championship belt from his 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle” heavyweight title fight has sold at auction for $6.18 million. Heritage Auctions in Dallas said Sunday that the winner of the heated competition for the belt was Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.

It turns out millennials haven’t strayed very far from the areas where they grew up. A study released Monday by Harvard University and U.S. Census Bureau researchers found that by age 26 more than two-thirds of millennials lived in the same area where they grew up, 80% had moved less than 100 miles away and 90% resided less than 500 miles away.

A co-defendant of the so-called Central Park Five has had his conviction on a related charge overturned. Steven Lopez was exonerated Monday in response to requests by his attorney and prosecutors. He had been arrested along with five other Black and Latino teenagers in the notorious 1989 rape and assault on Central Park jogger Trisha Meili.

British actor David Warner, whose roles ranged from Shakespearean tragedies to sci-fi cult classics, has died at the age of 80. The versatile performer died from a cancer-related illness on Sunday. Warner had roles in bloody 1971 psychological thriller “Straw Dogs,” 1976 horror classic “The Omen” and 1997 blockbuster “Titanic,” where he played the malicious valet Spicer Lovejoy.

Bob Rafelson, an influential figure in the New Hollywood era of the 1970s who was nominated for two Oscars for “Five Easy Pieces,” has died. He was 89. Gabrielle Taurek Rafelson says her husband died at his home in Aspen on Saturday surrounded by his family.