Luke Goss says Bros documentary was a ‘magic pill’

Luke Goss Says Bros Documentary Was A ‘magic Pill’ Content Exchange

Luke Goss thinks the 2018 Bros documentary was a “magic pill”.

The 52-year-old star felt the UK had turned on him when the band fell apart in the early 90s, but he believes that their documentary film – ‘Bros: After the Screaming Stops’ – helped to heal some of the old scars.

Luke – who starred in the group alongside his twin brother Matt Goss – shared: “I always hoped there was a magic pill out there where I could get on with my countrymen and that there would be great support.

“Who would have thought a documentary would fix family issues, but it did. It was a magic pill for the country for us, and a magic pill within our creative communication. It was a big, big, big benefit for our lives.”

The documentary charted the rise and fall of the band, as well as their preparation for the sell-out reunion shows in London in 2017.

Meanwhile, Luke – who now lives in Los Angeles – has been separated from his friends and family during the coronavirus pandemic, and has admitted the situation recently reduced him to tears.

Asked when he last cried, Luke – who moved to the US permanently more than a decade ago – told the BBC: “About four days ago. I miss my family. I miss my best friends. I don’t have family in Los Angeles, and Matty’s in Vegas.

“So when you’ve had two hours sleep for a week and a half, and you’ve got the noise of life, and you don’t see people … I might go and sit on the balcony at three in the morning and just let a couple of quiet ones fall out.”

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