Listen now: War in Ukraine, preventing ‘accidents’ and changing banks

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The Utterly Moderate Podcast was off last week, but returned with two segments on the latest episode.

In the first segment, Paul Poast, an international relations expert at the University of Chicago, joins the program to assess the current state of the war in Ukraine as it appears that momentum in the war has shifted.

The second segment poses a question: Do neighborhoods impact children? Utterly Moderate host and Lawrence Eppard, who is an associate professor of sociology at Shippensburg University, is interviewed on the Bold Dominion Podcast about his research concerning the powerful ways that neighborhoods influence the lives of the children who grow up in them.

Are ‘accidents’ often predictable, preventable events?

On the latest episode of The Ethical Life, hosts Rick Kyte and Scott Rada discuss how harm reduction can make the world a safer place. The discussion is centered on a book by Jessie Singer called “There Are No Accidents: The Deadly Rise of Injury and Disaster — Who Profits and Who Pays the Price.”

Things to consider before changing banks

We’re living in tough financial times, which might have you thinking about changing financial institutions. On the latest episode of PennyWise, host Teri Barr interviewed Chanelle Bessette, a banking expert with NerdWallet, to learn why right now may be the perfect time to make a change. Bessette shared four important things to consider if you are ready to open a new account or go to a different bank.

Counting down the 10 greatest weather movies of all time

Grab a bucket of popcorn and get comfortable. If you like weather and movies, you have to listen to this!

Weather plays a role in lots of films, but in some it has a starring role. With the help of Bruce Miller, from Lee Enterprises’ TV, streaming and movie podcast Streamed & Screened, the Lee Weather Team takes a look at the best weather movies ever made on Across the Sky.

Listen along as the gang counts down the movies from ten to one.

Get ready for Halloween with these spooky movie selections

Speaking of movies, while Streamed & Screened remained on a fall break, the team did dig an episode out that looks at some of the great scary movies of all time.

Week 3 of NFL action

The Buffalo Bills travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins in a showdown of undefeated AFC East rivals. Who will come out on top? The PlayAction podcast previews the game.