Listen now: Rising anxiety and social media, lessons from Hurricane Ian, covering a murder case and other podcasts

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Do you feel like you’ve been anxious with more frequency?

It’s a topic The Ethical Life tackles, particularly regarding young people and the relationship between anxiety and social media.

The lessons of Ian

Following Hurricane Ian’s destruction in Florida and other states along the coast, the meteorologists from Across the Sky talked about the strengths of the large-scale forecasts, the challenges of conveying the storm’s finer-scale impacts, and how people reacted to those forecasts from Tampa Bay to Fort Myers and beyond.

Behind the scenes

Do you ever wonder what goes into the vocal and music work in television and movies? Streamed & Screened host Bruce Miller caught up with Bri Holland, a singer, songwriter, music producer, audio engineer and vocal production specialist during the 2022 Sioux City International Film Fest. Holland held a workshop called “Engineering Theatrical Vocal Music for Cinema” and shared additional insight during the latest episode of the podcast.

Covering a murder case

On a bonus episode of Late Edition: Crime Beat Chronicles, Lincoln Journal Star journalist Lori Pilger shares insight into the Sydney Loofe murder case and provides updates on recent developments.

Socially conscious banking

When you deposit money into your checking or savings account, the bank will in turn borrow that money from you for use in business loans. If you have concerns over what types of businesses your money might be financing, you’ll want to listen to the latest episode of PennyWise.

Can the Cardinals survive a stacked National League?

The St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Central, but reaching the World Series will require the Cards to first hold off the Philadelphia Phillies, then defeat the Atlanta Braves and finally survive an NLCS against the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets or San Diego Padres. The Best Podcast in Baseball previews the playoffs, which began Friday.

Bills look to keep rolling

The Buffalo Bills are now 3-1 and host the Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3) on Sunday. PlayAction previews this week’s game.