Leslie Grace: I’m intense with double-cleansing

Leslie Grace: I’m Intense With Double Cleansing
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Leslie Grace gets “intense” with double-cleansing.

The ‘In The Heights’ star often struggles with breakouts whenever she puts anything onto her sensitive skin but has learned to manage her acne by following a rigorous cleansing routine.

She told Vogue: “I used to have a lot of trouble with acne and I have to stay on my skin. The more that I apply to my skin, the more it’s susceptible to have all these different reactions but something that’s really important for me is cleaning properly.

“I love double-cleansing. I’m almost intense about it a little bit.”

The 26-year-old singer-and-actress swears by the Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Cleansing Oil and the Foreo tool.

She added: “I love this cleansing oil because it breaks up whatever makeup I have on my face. And we’re gonna use my little Foreo machine. That’s nice and vibrates and gets everything out. I will swear and live by this thing.”

What’s more, Leslie never fails to leave the house without wearing her go-to SPF that she has been using since she was a teenager.

She explained: “I never leave this house, even if I don’t have time to do anything else in my day, SPF. I love this Cetaphil, you can find this anywhere. And I’ve been using it literally since I’ve been in high school.

“Someone like me with freckles and gets blotches easily, I really take SPF seriously.”

The ‘Diganle’ hitmaker insisted that taking the time to take care of her skin helps her feel empowered.

She added: “I learned through osmosis how important it is to not only take time for yourself but [also] the importance and sacredness of sharing a moment where women are empowering how beautiful they are.”

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