Kylie Minogue says musical is taking ‘forever’ to make

Kylie Minogue Says Musical Is Taking ‘forever’ To Make Content Exchange

Kylie Minogue admits the musical based on her songs is taking “forever” to make.

The 52-year-old pop star has revealed that progress is being made on the production, but it’s all happening much slower than she initially anticipated.

Kylie – who starred in the Australian soap ‘Neighbours’ earlier in her career – told The Sun on Sunday newspaper’s Biz on Sunday column: “When I got locked into doing a musical everyone said, ‘It takes a long time’.

“I remember thinking ‘Really? We make albums, go on tour, get things done’ … No, it takes forever. It’s a work in progress.”

Kylie recorded her latest album, ‘Disco’, amid the coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

But she previously admitted that, at one point, she questioned whether all of her effort was really worthwhile.

She explained: “There was a point during lockdown and during all of that where I guess maybe the album was kind of finished. And I did question, what does this mean? What’s the point? There’s so much happening in the world and there’s no discos open.

“But the main question that kind of reassured me to keep going was, ‘What will I achieve if I don’t release it?’ And the answer, that’s really easy, was absolutely nothing. So we stuck with ‘Disco’.”

Kylie built a studio at her London home and recorded the album during the lockdown.

However, she admitted that the recording process was a bit chaotic due to the pandemic.

The ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ hitmaker said: “I think if there was a kind of fly-on-the-wall camera, it would’ve been a comedy.

“I mean, me trying to wrangle the sound absorber, which bit goes where, lots of googling YouTube tutorials and calling a friend.”

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