Kevin Hart on changing nappies: ‘I’m not great at it’

Kevin Hart On Changing Nappies: ‘i’m Not Great At It’ Content Exchange

Kevin Hart purposefully does a bad job of changing his baby’s nappies so that his wife doesn’t ask him to do it.

The 41-year-old actor and his spouse, Eniko Parrish, have two children together – Kenzo, three, and Kaori, eight months – and although he’s a hands on father, he’s admitted he isn’t “great” when it comes to changing dirty nappies.

And so the ‘Fatherhood’ actor has devised a cunning plan to “butcher” the job, which means Eniko and their family’s nannies no longer asks for his help.

Kevin – who also has Heaven, 16, and Hendrix, 13, with his ex-wife Torrei Hart – told USA Today: “I’m very much involved, but I’m not that great at it. So what I’ve learned to do is kind of butcher it. So that [my wife] goes ‘You know what … don’t do it’. I’ll put the diaper on backwards, or not snap it properly and she’ll just snatch the baby from me [like] ‘Give me the baby! You’re not paying attention, you don’t do it right!’ ”

Meanwhile, Kevin recently said his house is “too loud” for him to want more kids, as he thinks his family of six is perfect.

He explained: “Is the house not loud enough? I think it is, right? I think it’s loud enough around here.

“It’s good. We’re in a good place, a family of six and a couple of dogs, it’s a lot going on right now. I say that jokingly but, you know, look, if it’s what the universe calls for and it’s what we’ve decided, then it is what it is.

“We’re in love with being parents, we’re in love with all the little ones that we have now. I mean, we got teenagers and two toddlers, man. It’s the perfect separation of age. It’s the perfect household. It’s everything that you would think it is plus more.”

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