Kelis was ‘preparing’ for daughter her whole life

Kelis Was ‘preparing’ For Daughter Her Whole Life Content Exchange

Kelis has been “preparing” to have a daughter her whole life.

The ‘Milkshake’ singer – who has sons Knight, 11, and Sheperd, five – is so glad to have a girl, after welcoming her baby a few months ago and admits it is “totally different” to having boys.

She shared: “It’s funny , I have been a boy mom for so long and I was completely content with super hero’s , weapons and war games . I would have been thrilled to have another baby boy . But now that she’s here , I looked down at her little hand on mine and I realised I had been preparing for her my whole life . Having a girl is somehow totally different.

“And don’t get me wrong , we will still have super hero’s , weapons and war games with baby G too . But we will do it wearing diamonds , rubies and pearls (sic)”

Back in August, Kelis revealed she has given birth to a baby girl, who’s name has not yet been made public, and admitted her labour was “intense”.

In an Instagram video, she said: “Hey, so I’ve been kind of MIA … But for a really good reason cause I just had my baby. And it was intense. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’m generally a really private person, with my personal life, but I wanted to kind of bring my fam in to sort of talk about all of these women’s things we go through that no one really tells us about. So I had my baby a week ago and I had a girl by the way – so very excited about that – it’s my first girl!”

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