John Boyega: Silence is too expensive

John Boyega: Silence Is Too Expensive Content Exchange

John Boyega “struggled” thinking whether he should speak out.

The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ actor has been vocal about racism and other important cultural issues but he feels as though his silence is “too expensive”.

He said: “Silence can be too loud – and the cost of it can be too expensive. I’ve struggled thinking about whether to speak out. I don’t want to seem like I want to bury everybody – that’s not my intention. When I came into this industry, I didn’t see equal opportunity … When you’re a rich man, it’s easier for you to look like an a*******. So you’ve got to be extra careful – your privilege could really trip you up.”

And John has recalled how he decided to go into acting after seeing Johnny Depp appear in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, dropping out of university to fulfil his dream.

Speaking to The Times, he added: “London needs more youth clubs. I would not have become the guy who could turn up and read in auditions without having the necessary confidence instilled in me by London youth groups … I decided to drop out of university after seeing Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a big deal for my dad to accept that I was walking away from educating myself. But when I went to Los Angeles, he gave me a talk about keeping my head, not getting too fazed by any kind of obstacle or any kind of success, and not to get bitter about the roles I didn’t get. That really helped me navigate Hollywood, the audition process, the cut-throat feedback that sometimes is needed.”

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