Here Are 12 Apple Airpod Alternatives That Folks Are Loving Right Now

Other than the iPhone itself, Apple AirPods are the company’s biggest innovation in years. If you’re like me, though, you don’t trust yourself with something so delicate that costs over $100. It’ll get lost, drown in the sink, or get dragged away by a cat. Or maybe, AirPods just don’t fit your ear or style. In either case, we’ve found 12 AirPod alternatives that work great for a range of budgets.

1. TOZO T6 Earbuds

If you haven’t heard of TOZO, their T6 earbuds will win you over. Less than $40, they do everything AirPods do. They’re waterproof and offer acoustic tuning that clarifies treble and adds boom to bass.

2. AEDILYS Earbuds

At $25.49, these are the workout earbuds. AEDILYS sends each pair with a warranty and 3 silicone tips to hold them in place during cardio. With a portable charging case, you can get up to 30 hours of playtime. Whether it rains or you just sweat a lot, they’re water resistant, too!

3. TOZO T10 5.0 Earbuds

Like the T6’s, the T10 5.0 earbuds offer crystal-clear quality. This pair, however, offers noise-cancelling technology perfect for tuning out traffic, crowds, construction, or whatever else breaks your concentration.

4. Beats Flex

Beats Flex stays true to the company’s traditional headphones with a flexible cable that goes around the back of your neck to secure them in place. Audio sharing lets you listen to tunes or podcasts with a friend that has Beats or AirPods.

5.Kurdene Wireless Earbuds

If literally everything you wear has to match, Kurdene wireless earbuds are for you. With 9 colors and 3D surround sound, they’re the perfect accessory for the library and coffee shop.

6. TOZO NC2 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Earbuds

For the last TOZO product on the list, we have the NC2 earbuds. With hybrid 3-layer noise cancelling technology, you won’t hear a thing other than your podcast. If you need to listen for announcements or directions, transparency mode isolates voice frequencies so they come through when you zone out.

7. New Beats Studio Buds

The New Beats Studio Buds are fit for anywhere. They deliver studio-level audio that’s perfect for bass-heavy hip-hop, EDM, and rap. At $150, they’re one of the more expensive entries, but the easy Bluetooth connectivity, 8-hour battery life, and active noise cancelling make them worth it.

8. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

For $99.99, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are another pricier choice, but they also boast a whopping 11-hour battery life from a single charge. 3 minutes of charging is enough for an hour of use! Each bud contains a miniature version of a full sound system and a clear microphone for calls.

9. Powerbeats Pro

These earbuds are another great gym partner. Not only are they sweat- and water-resistant, but they feature over-the-ear hooks for maximum security. Combine this with a 9-hour battery life and voice control that’ll hang on during kickboxing, weightlifting, and acrobatics.

10. Lanteso True Wireless Earbuds

Another great budget option, Lanteso earbuds go for about $20. They’re lightweight, water-resistant and great for the office or gym.

11. Skullcandy Sesh Evo

From trusted audio experts Skullcandy, Sesh Evo earbuds come with EQ settings for podcasts, music, and movies. Even though these are pre-owned, they’re thoroughly cleaned and inspected so they reach you in like-new condition.

12. Anker Soundcore Life

A single charge on the Anker Soundcore Life earbuds gives you 7 hours of life. A quick 10-minute charge will give you an hour. With 4 microphones, these offer some of the clearest phone calls you’ll get in this price range.

Whether you’re on a budget or just want something that fits your ear better, there’s a wireless earbud on this list for you. Check out your options and get jamming today!

We hope you enjoy the products we recommend. We may receive a commission if you purchase a product mentioned in this article.