Guns, ammunition seized from UVa shooter’s dormitory room

The student charged in the shooting deaths of three University of Virginia football players had a semi-automatic rifle, pistol, ammunition, magazines and a device used to make bullets fire faster in his on-Grounds dorm room, according to a search warrant inventory that the Daily Progress obtained.

After the three students were slain and two others injured Sunday night, special Agent B.D. Tuggle of the Virginia State Police obtained a search warrant to enter the Brandon Avenue dorm room of Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., who once had been on the UVa football team.

What Tuggle allegedly then found in the room of accused triple-murderer Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. might have filled a duffel. The inventory included a Ruger AR-556, which is a semi-automatic rife, and a Smith & Wesson model 39 pistol– along with a pair of full or nearly-full 30-round AR magazines, a box of Winchester .223 ammunition, and a pair Glock 9mm magazines.

Tuggle also seized a binary trigger, which unlike the better known and largely outlawed bump stock, is a legal device to increase the firing speed of a semi-automatic rifle.

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