Gloria Estefan is virtual reality grandma

Gloria Estefan Is Virtual Reality Grandma Content Exchange

Gloria Estefan has become a “virtual reality grandma” in lockdown.

The ‘Rhythm Is Gonna Get You’ hitmaker has been keeping in touch with her eight-year-old grandchild, Sasha – her son Nayib’s little girl – through video calls owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “I am ‘VR grandma’. We even have a theme song …

“We’re in the same room sculpting stuff, we play together and he calls me every time he has a break, because he’s doing school digitally … You make it happen, you make it work, that’s all you can do.”

And Gloria is hopeful that things will be much better next year.

Speaking on The View, she added: “We’re really trying to stay as safe as possible, so that next year there is going to be a big blowout … We’ll have the vaccines, God willing, everything will look completely different from this year, but our job [right now] is to stay as safe as possible.”

The family normally host a special Feed a Friend event every Thanksgiving but had to postpone it this year, and moved their own celebrations online too.

She said: “We can’t do it this year because it’s just not safe, so we made donations to each and every one of the organisations that has come out to help them give a good Thanksgiving to the people who are part of the organisation. At home, I always host Thanksgiving dinner. This year, we did it by Zoom, everybody in their own home, because a couple of the people that come are elderly.”

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