Fact Checking the South Carolina debate

The Lead panel discusses.

Welcome to CNN’s fact check coverage of the tenth Democratic presidential debate from Charleston, South Carolina, ahead of the state’s primary on Saturday.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the current front-runner after winning the Nevada caucus, will likely face attacks over his recent defense of the former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Sanders will also have to defend his recently released plan to pay for his legislative proposals such as “Medicare for All,” free college, and various debt forgiveness ideas.

The debate will also be a chance for former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg to bounce back from a rough performance in last week’s debate, when he faced criticism over sexist comments he allegedly made in the early 1990s, as well as his use of non-disclosure agreements.

The debate is also a crucial opportunity for former Vice President Joe Biden, whose campaign needs a strong performance in South Carolina to stay viable.