Dionne Warwick was headhunted by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Dionne Warwick Was Headhunted By Twitter Ceo Jack Dorsey
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Dionne Warwick was jokingly asked to join Twitter’s staff by CEO Jack Dorsey.

The 80-year-old singer has become a hit on the social media platform after joining the site during the coronavirus pandemic and revealed that the Twitter chief had taken note of her witty and popular tweets.

Dionne told PEOPLE magazine: “I have kind of changed the tone of this thing called Twitter.

“Jack let me know he’s so pleased that I made my presence known because I’ve put a new spin on how these youngsters interact with each other. He said, ‘I should put you on staff’ and I said, ‘Well, let’s talk about some kind of compensation here.'”

The soul star believes that her direct approach – such as telling singer The Weeknd that his name was spelled incorrectly – have made her popular with fans.

Dionne said: “I think people are enjoying my honesty. I lay it out right for you. I don’t edit.”

The ‘Walk on By’ hitmaker revealed that her tweets have also started friendships as she has become closer with Offset and his wife Cardi B after questioning “What does Offset mean?” earlier this year.

Dionne explained: “I call them my babies. They’ve been in the business a snap compared to me.”

The ‘I Say a Little Prayer’ singer gushed about rapper Cardi B, describing her as “adorable”.

Dionne said: “She’s just adorable. I like that she knows who she is and does not apologise for it which is wonderful because you always have to be who you are.”

She has also come up with a new term when talking about her Twitter use.

Dionne explained: “I called it Twote-ing. Not twittering but twote-ing. As in ‘I twoted yesterday’ or ‘I’m going to twote’. T-W-O-T-E. It’s a softer sound than tweet. You can use it any way you want.”

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