David Oyelowo’s film frustration

David Oyelowo’s Film Frustration
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David Oyelowo is frustrated that his films are always “politicised”.

The ‘Selma’ star says most of his movies have some political comment made about them and whilst he finds it an “honour to be part of cultural moments that feel significant beyond the piece and beyond me”, he wishes he could “just talk” about his movies like other Hollywood stars.

He said: “So often the films and projects I’m part of become politicised because they are either the first time something has happened, or I have insisted on playing [a role] that isn’t traditionally afforded to someone like me. On the one hand, it’s an honour to be part of cultural moments that feel significant beyond the piece and beyond me.

“And then on the other hand, I look at actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy and they just talk about their movies and move on to the next one. Maybe my kids will have that luxury; I don’t know that it will happen for me yet.”

And the 44-year-old actor doesn’t think he deserves many of the opportunities he has been given but now he has this platform, he “must make the most of this platform he’s been given”.

Speaking to the independent.co.uk, he added: “I want to be the kind of father who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. I want to reflect those values I’m trying to teach. It comes from being aware that the opportunities I’ve been afforded are not to be taken for granted and are not purely built on talent … I have been afforded a trajectory that has led me to places I couldn’t have imagined. I mean, Come Away and I’m doing a scene with Michael Caine, that’s insane … I sit before you as a Black Brit who grew up on a council estate in Islington having played Dr King in a film. These are not opportunities that I think I was owed, but they’ve come my way and so therefore I must make the most of this platform I’ve been given.”

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