Brex Rewards: The Complete Program Guide

Brex Rewards, exclusively available for businesses, offers a winning combination of earning points easily with a wide variety of redemption options ranging from travel transfers to crypto purchases. The only catch? You’ll need to manage your finances with Brex in order to have access to the program. Let’s take a look at whether the rewards will make sense for you.

What Are Brex Rewards?

Brex Rewards is more of a financial solution than a loyalty program—but one that comes with highly valuable flexible points. You’ll earn rewards when you use the Brex 30 Card linked to your account to pay for purchases, often at competitive earning rates to help accumulate points faster.

Unlike other credit card rewards programs (think Chase Ultimate Rewards) Brex is a closed ecosystem. You’ll need a cash management account at Brex in order to get a rewards account. In addition, only businesses are eligible for Brex accounts and therefore Brex Rewards.

Once you’ve earned Brex Rewards, you can redeem them toward cash back, transfer them to travel partners and more.

How To Earn Brex Rewards

To begin earning Brex Rewards, you’ll first need to apply for a free Brex Cash account. Only U.S.-based businesses with an EIN (Employer Identification Number) are eligible to apply and Brex may analyze your business model and source of funds, among other factors, as part of their approval process.

If you’re approved, a card will automatically be included with your account. Most new accounts will be given a card that requires automatic, daily payments from your Brex Cash account. Some accounts may instead qualify for a card with monthly payments, matching more traditional charge card accounts. However, monthly cards are reserved for well-established businesses or start-ups with proof of minimum funds available.

Credit Card Spending

Brex issues the Brex 30 Card as a convenient way to earn rewards points on every purchase. New cardholders can earn , which is another way to quickly accumulate a stash of points.

For a $0 annual fee, you’ll also earn . These earning rates are for cards with automatic daily payments and Brex Cash accounts. If you only pay monthly, you’ll receive 1 point less per dollar on category spending. There are no caps on how many points you can earn and no limits on category bonuses.

Business owners can issue unlimited cards for their team, each with custom spending limits. All cards will earn Brex Rewards on all spend toward a single, centralized account.

It’s worth noting that balances must be paid in full and there is no option to carry a balance from one month to another. Because of this, it won’t be a good fit for all businesses. For those willing and able to make payments, though, the card also includes built-in features including spend management software and expense tracking options.

Link Payroll or Ecommerce Platforms

New account holders can earn Brex Rewards through a one-time bonus when linking their account to selected payroll, ecommerce platforms or payroll gateways. Currently, the bonus offers 20,000 reward points when successfully linking a partner platform within three months of signing up to Brex.

Not all platforms will integrate for the bonus, though a wide selection of popular services qualify:

  • Payroll providers: ADP, Extensis, Gusto, Insperity, Intuit Payroll, Justworks, Paychex, Paylocity, Rippling, Sure Payroll, TriNet, WageWorks, Workday, Your People.
  • Ecommerce platforms or payment gateways: Amazon, BigCommerce, Braintree, PayPal, Shopify, Square, Stripe, Venmo, Wix, Xoom.

Book Travel Directly Through Brex

Brex offers a booking engine for flights and hotels, which works similarly to other online travel agencies (OTAs) you’re already familiar with. Trips booked through Brex Travel will earn 4 points per dollar spent on all reservations and it’s not required to pay with your Brex card (although your card will be linked as a payment option automatically for convenience).

In addition to earning points, Brex Travel bookings integrate with TravelBank, which means you can manage travel policies and allow employee bookings as needed.

Buying Brex Rewards

Currently, there are no options to purchase Brex Rewards points.

Combining Brex Rewards

Brex Rewards points cannot be combined between accounts, but multiple cards issued from the same account will automatically be deposited into a single master rewards account.


Although Brex has a referral program, incentives are issued as gift cards rather than bonus Brex Rewards points. For each company you successfully refer to Brex, both you and the company you referred will receive a $250 Amazon gift card. Additionally, the company you refer must be approved and spend $1,000 using their new card.

How To Redeem Brex Rewards

Like other transferable currencies, Brex Rewards have several different redemption options so you can choose the type of rewards that are most advantageous for your business. Your redemption options will depend on the type of account you hold, though all accounts may redeem points for gift cards, Brex Travel reservations or transfers to airline partners.

Some accounts may additionally be eligible to redeem points toward cryptocurrency purchases, nonprofit donations, statement credits or cash deposits for even more flexibility.

The value of your points is determined by the type of redemption you make and not all rewards are created equal. Before making an irreversible redemption, ensure that you’re getting a fair value for your points.

Airline Transfer Partners

For anyone willing to learn the intricacies of frequent flyer programs, transferring Brex Rewards to partner airlines can lead to outsized value and maximized rewards.

You can convert your Brex Rewards to the following airline partners at a rate of 1 Brex Reward point to 1 mile:

Though the list of transfer partners is short compared to other credit card rewards programs, it represents airlines in all three alliances.

Brex advises that transfers take one business day to process though in many cases the transfer is completed instantly.

Brex Travel Bookings

Flight and hotel reservations made through Brex Travel can be paid for with points, at a rate of 1 cent per point. This can be a useful option for companies that don’t want to worry about blackout dates or inventory controls when booking flights or when you need to book a hotel, since there are currently no hotel transfer partners associated with Brex Rewards.

Gift Cards

Brex Rewards can also be redeemed toward gift cards at a flat rate of 1 cent per point, usually with a minimum redemption amount of $25 (2,500 points). Only a limited number of brands are available, though generic Mastercard gift cards are one option which means you have a way that will cover nearly any purchase.

Cash Back

Brex Cash accounts are eligible for cash back deposits, also at a rate of 1 cent per point. There is no minimum redemption and account and deposits are made immediately, making this an incredibly flexible award if you are eligible.

Statement Credits

If you have a Brex card where you only need to make monthly payments (rather than daily), you also have the option of redeeming Brex Rewards toward credits applied to your monthly statement.

Unfortunately, this redemption option yields a poor value—only 0.7 cents per point. If you want to use rewards to pay your bill, you can redeem cash back at 1 cent per mile and then pay your bill with the rewards.


As another redemption option, Brex Rewards can be traded in for cryptocurrency. Points may be used to purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum, with a minimum redemption threshold of 1,000 points.

For this redemption type, you’ll enter the number of points you wish to redeem and the number of shares (or fraction of shares) purchased will be calculated based on market rates. Though the number of shares may fluctuate, the reward value does not: each 1,000 point redemption buys $7 of cryptocurrency (0.7 cents per point). Again, you could use cash back rewards to buy cryptocurrency on your own at 1 cent per point instead.

Donate Points

The newest redemption option, Brex Rewards currently allows you to redeem points for aid to Ukraine. Specifically, donations are made to Support Hospitals in Ukraine at a rate of 1 cent per point. Right now, this is the only nonprofit organization included as a donation redemption option.

Bottom Line

For businesses looking for an all-in-one solution, Brex combines several financial services and integrations together, including the flexible Brex Rewards program. The ability to earn points at a competitive rate with multiple redemption options—all for no fee—makes it stand out but it requires a certain level of commitment in order to participate. No doubt Brex Rewards are a valuable solution for some businesses but the extra strings might make you do a double take.

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