Bernie Sanders vows to stay in 2020 race and says he is looking forward to debate with Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he plans to participate in the CNN’s upcoming debate despite recent primary losses to rival candidate Joe Biden.

A defiant Sen. Bernie Sanders vowed to stay in the presidential race on Wednesday after a series of major defeats, pointing to his appeal with younger voters and previewing the lines of argument he’ll use against rival Joe Biden at this weekend’s upcoming CNN-Univision debate.

“We are winning the generational debate,” he said. “While Joe Biden continues to do very well with older Americans, especially those people over 65, our campaign continues to win the vast majority of the votes of younger people.”

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“Last night obviously was not a good night for our campaign from a delegate point of view,” Sanders said, noting his losses in the Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho primaries. But he then pointed out that he won North Dakota and was leading the vote count in Washington. He also noted that he is losing the delegate count, but is leading in areas that “will determine the future of this country.”

The pair are scheduled to meet in Phoenix on Sunday for the primary debate.

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