Anna Paquin slams bi erasure over marriage to Stephen Moyet: ‘I was assumed to be straight’

Anna Paquin Slams Bi Erasure Over Marriage To Stephen Moyet: ‘i Was Assumed To Be Straight’ Content Exchange

Anna Paquin has insisted her marriage to Stephen Moyer does not change her sexuality as she accused her critics of “bi erasure”.

The 38-year-old actress came out as bisexual in 2010, the same year she tied the knot with her ‘True Blood’ co-star, and has said she was “assumed to be straight” because she married a man.

She said: “It just felt weird being assumed to be straight because I was married to a man.”

And Anna also slammed the negative stereotype that bisexuality is linked to polyamory and infidelity.

She added: “I understand that people confuse bisexuality with, frankly, open relationships and polyamory and that’s where people usually enter the conversation. That’s a massive misconception that people throw at you.”

The ‘Flack’ star pointed out that if she had “fallen in love with a woman” and tied the knot with them she would also “still be bisexual”.

She explained: “If I had fallen in love with a woman and lived happily ever after, I would still be bisexual – that wouldn’t erase that.”

Anna went on to address the double standards in society when it comes to speaking about LGBTQ issues, saying people are quick to dismiss those talking about the community in a way they often don’t with heterosexual relationships.

Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Jess Cagle Podcast’, she said: “People are very quick to say ‘Oh that’s too much information, don’t tell me what goes on in your bedroom’ and I’m like ‘I didn’t!’

“One day there will be a time when it just won’t be a big deal. But while it’s still literally illegal and punishable by death to be LGBTQ in multiple countries across the planet, yeah, I’m gonna keep talking about it!

“I have always been very vocal about our community but the concept of why – other than basic human rights – is personal.”

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