Analysis: Why is Putin obsessed with Ukraine?

Why is Russian President Vladimir Putin so obsessed with Ukraine?

That’s the question on many minds as Russia’s invasion of the former Soviet republic continues.

The answer involves a mix of history, geography, and Putin’s desire to return his country to the glory days of Soviet Union superpower.

The pandemic, mass shootings, natural disasters, terror attacks. There’s been plenty of tragedy and anxiety for parents to sort through with their kids. Add Russia’s escalating invasion of Ukraine to the list.

With events rapidly unfolding on TV and across social media, child development experts urge parents to check in with children of all ages but not to worry if those conversations are brief.

Associated Press journalists around Ukraine and beyond are documenting military activity during Russia’s invasion. With disinformation rife and social media amplifying military claims and counterclaims, determining exactly what is happening is difficult. Here’s a look at what could be confirmed Friday.

Here’s a roundup of other reports today