After South Carolina win, Biden says his campaign raised $5 million within 24 hours

CNN’s David Chalian and Van Jones break down what former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory in the South Carolina primary could mean for his chances in Super Tuesday states with large electorates of black voters.

Hours after his major victory in the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary, former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that his campaign raised $5 million online within 24 hours. The figure is the biggest online fundraising day to date for the campaign, according to a Biden official.

Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” Sunday that the campaign raised upwards of $17 million for the month of February.

“We’ve raised about $17, $18 million this month — $5 million just since the victory or during the victory in South Carolina so we’re feeling good, but it’s a long way to go, Jake,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden’s main Democratic rival in the nomination fight, announced Sunday that his campaign raised a massive $46.5 million in February.

Biden’s win in South Carolina represents a significant victory for the former vice president’s campaign, which has struggled to gain nationwide traction during the past year and was thought to be on a decline following losses in the race’s first three Democratic contests. It also positions him as the surging moderate alternative to Sanders in the lead up to Super Tuesday, when voters in more than a dozen states across the US will cast votes for their preferred candidate.

The Saturday win could also signal support from African American voters for Biden in other contests. The former vice president had consistently touted his support from the black community, a key voting bloc in the Democratic Party both nationally and in South Carolina. Biden won around 3 in 5 black voters in the state, dominating over Sanders, according to results from CNN’s exit poll Saturday.