“I told him to tell my fiance that I loved her,” says a local cardiac arrest survivor

VICTORIA, Texas– An emergency response team at a local organization here in the Crossroads helped save a man’s life while he was working.

“You can’t take life for granted,” said Ruben Alvarez, a cardiac arrest survivor.

Ruben Alvarez spoke about the day he had a cardiac arrest while working as a truck driver. The experience changed his outlook on life. As he remembers the near-death experience Mr. Alvarez becomes very emotional.

“I look at things differently, I really do and most of all I want to be here for my family,” said Alvarez.

This incident occurred around the Fourth of July. The Formosa Emergency Response Team found Alvarez collapsed inside of his truck then immediately performed CPR. Alvarez says he blacked on the worksite but he didn’t realize it even when he regained consciousness.

“I woke up and I saw, the safety coordinator, I know him because he’s a friend of mine. I grabbed him and I told him to tell my fiance that I loved her and I blacked out again,” said Alvarez.

Alvarez says he blacked out three times then woke up confused in Citizens Medical Center ICU. Dr. Corey Scruggs an Interventional Cardiologist at Citizens Medical Center treats Mr. Alvarez and describes his previous medical history.

“This gentleman was a healthy gentleman, really didn’t have much in the way of past medical history. I had seen him perhaps a year and a half or so earlier for the management of blood pressure issues, cholesterol and he was doing generally well,” said Dr. Corey Scruggs, an Interventional Cardiologist at Citizens Medical.

Dr. Shruggs says this was a pretty unexpected event. Tomorrow we will speak with the Formosa Response Team about the procedures they used to help save Alvarez’s life.