“I take my job literally”

Pilchiek reruns for Commissioner
Commissioner Precinct 2 James Pilchiek

Commissioner Precinct 2 James Pilchiek

DEWITT COUNTY, Texas – On Thursday, Feb. 17, Commissioner James Pilchiek said he’s been politically involved for 27 years. During an interview he said he started as an equipment operator in 2002. In the past, he’s helped other republicans run for positions. For example, even helping a constable run for an office position. Usually he starts off his morning at 6:30 to review emails, voicemails, conversing with other commissioners and the county judge. Overall most of his day regards speaking to contractors to implement more infrastructure projects and reviewing budgets.

“We started real slow. In 2011 when I took office the oil field was just coming in and they were destroying our roads faster than… Just within one year in my area where the oil field was, we lost about eighty percent of the paved roads. We started then as the commissioners court looking ahead of how we are going to overcome this problem,” he said.

“When we have our commissioners court meetings, there’s a lot of stuff on there that as a commissioner I prepare myself before we get into the court room,” he said.

Pilchieck said over the years he’s been trying to tackle this task, cutting back on using contract labor because now the precinct has the equipment to do the work themselves.

James Pilcheck said he takes his job literally and that he prefers to ask questions, get answers before a commissioners court meeting. The incumbent wants to keep serving everyone in Dewitt county, not just the people living in precinct 2.

“I try to do that everyday to a hundred and ten percent of my ability,” he said.

When asked about a personal characteristic he has that benefits the role. Pilchiek said perseverance.

“I take my job literally,” he said.

One of his goals is to keep building roads and implementing infrastructure projects. Furthermore, Pilchiek said the county has come a long way.

“We’ve come a long way. We are actually, I am so proud to be a part of this commissioners court. Like I said, when oil field come in, we had a long range plan that when the oil field quit that we wouldn’t be here with our hands tied. Broken roads and no money,” he said.