“I suspect that we will see more cases…” Dr. Neill responds to 3 cases of COVID-19 in Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas- City and county leaders started preparing for this since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. These three cases are the first cases in Victoria county, health authorities say there could be more to come.

Right now, limited details are available on the three individuals, but they are in stable condition. Two of the individuals are related and it is known how they contracted COVID-19. Health officials suspect that the third patient, who is unrelated to the other two, contracted the virus via community transmission. 

All the people that these individuals have interacted with in recent days are being contacted. One of the contact investigations is already complete and two are underway. Health officials will reach out to anyone they believe is at high risk. All three patients are isolated in their homes and being monitored closely by the Victoria County Public Health Department. 

Dr. McNeil, Victoria County Health Authority, stated that “I suspect the curve is going to go up and I suspect that we will see more cases.” Despite this fear, city officials explained that they still don’t find it necessary to implement a Shelter in Place order for Victoria County.

“It is my understanding that all three presented for help and were seen at a clinic and diagnosed. It is highly likely that it is occurring elsewhere and I think that we will find those cases and hopefully we can isolate them and eventually stop the spread of this virus,” explains Dr. John McNeill, Victoria County Health Authority. 

The county is urging people stay at home and practice basic hygiene steps as they consider the county under risk of low to mild community transmission of COVID-19. Currently, test results are taking anywhere between two to seven days. 

Specimen collections in Victoria are being sent out of the county for testing to other labs in the state, including private labs.

To read the full press release on the first confirmed COVID-19 cases of Victoria County click here.